Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top Movies of 2013

So it's that time of the year again and after watching 60 new movies from 2013, I have compiled by top movies of the year list.

This process is always extremely difficult because movies are great in so many different ways and through a complex interaction of the movie itself, the situation I found myself in while watching, the people I was with, the mood I was in, and countless other factors some movies were able to make a connection while others fell flat and lifeless. I don't doubt for a moment that the list below is biased by my own experiences, yet at the same time a quality film is one that is primed to make a connection and often can burn through whatever else is going on in your life. Regardless, these are the movies I liked and the ones that I felt are deserving of recognition.

Before getting to the list, I should call out that, as with every year, there were many movies that I simply wasn't able to see in a timely manner and as such their lack of presence on this list is through no fault of their own. A few notable misses that I am aware of include Mud, Spectacular Now, Dallas Buyers Club, Philomenia, Nebraska, Una Noche and The Past. I also viewed many summer blockbusters this year which while hard to compare to the films below are quite enjoyable themselves. Two notable callouts that I felt were especially enjoyable was Star Trek: Into Darkness and Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Finally, among the many films I see not all are gems and each year a small handful are just painful to watch. This year the worst of the worst that I saw was Jack the Giant Slayer which was a take on the Jack and the Beanstalk tale with triple threat of a boring story line, horrid acting, and some of the worst special effects I've seen since the 90s. I literally have no idea how they managed to spend $200MM on this film.

Now on to the movies, here are my top 20 films in descending order:

20. Spring Breakers 6/10

19. Bling Ring 6/10

18. I Declare War 6/10

17. This is the End 6/10

16. All is Lost 6/10

15. Enough Said 7/10

14. Short Term 12 7/10

13. C.O.G. 7/10

12. Kings of Summer 8/10

11. Blue Jasmine 8/10

10. Stuck in Love 8/10

09. Captain Phillips 8/10

08. The Way Way Back 8/10

07. Saving Mr. Banks 8/10

06. The Place Beyond the Pines 8/10

05. The Wolf of Wall Street 8/10

04. Gravity 8/10

03. 12 Years a Slave 9/10

02. American Hustle 9/10

01. Her 9/10

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