Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 2012 Sundance Festival Movies

Ok this may be a little geeky of me, but I wanted to know what were the best movies of the 2012 Sundance festival were since I wasn't able to make it this year and I want to make sure I use my time wisely when I go to SIFF later this year. So I started looking a few top-10 lists that various festival goers had posted and it was pretty obvious that opinions differed widely and not everyone had seen every movie. So rather than pick one person to depend on, I decided to aggregate together the opinions of as many lists I could find. I generally tried to stick to lists of people who appeared to have genuinely gone to the festival and probably made a few mistakes along the way, but here are the results of about 15 different lists:

Votes: Movie:
11 Beasts of Southern Wild
9 The Surrogate
7 Safety Not Guaranteed
6 West of Memphis
5 Room 237
5 Simon Killer
4 The Raid
4 Compliance
4 Queen of Versailles
4 For A Good Time Call
4 Celeste & Jesse Forever
4 Keep the Lights On
3 Sleepwalk with Me
3 Liberal Arts
3 Smashed
3 Arbitrage
3 Red Lights
3 Save The Date
3 Room 237
3 Wish You Were Here
3 Bachlorette
2 Wrong
2 I Am Not A Hipster
2 Shadow Dancer
2 Shut Up and Play the Hits
2 Your Sister’s Sister
2 Black Rock
2 Detropia
2 This Must Be The Place
2 Indie Game the Movie
2 Nobody Walks
2 Red Hook Summer
2 How To Survive A Plague
1 The End of Love
1 The Words
1 Robot and Frank
1 The First Time
1 For Ellen
1 Bones Brigade
1 2 Days in NY
1 Love Free or Die
1 The Atomic States of America
1 The Invisible War
1 Searching for A Sugar Man
1 The House I Live In
1 My Brother the Devil
1 The Imposter
1 Lay The Favorite

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