Thursday, December 27, 2007


For Christmas this year, my family and I made the long trek up to Anacortes and while we were there I stopped to check out the progress on the new cabin. It is amazing how quickly the project is coming along. There is no trace of the old cabin left, and the foundation is already finished. With everything flattened though it really doesn't feel like the same beach I remember from growing up, but I am excited to see things come along. Hopefully, we'll make great progress during the spring and I'll be able to head up to Anacortes with friends for a weekend this summer.

While we were there, I noticed that the tide was way up on the beach, the highest I've ever seen it. I hope they are planning for a bit of flooding when they build this new cabin. Combine a high tide like this with a storm and the waves will be going right over our bulkhead. Sheesh, lets all hope for some global cooling and lower sea levels in the future.

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