Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well I just got back from seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" and it was great. A few weeks ago I was at a dinner party with several people who I hadn't met before and they tore the movie apart suggesting that the very thought watching Al Gore on screen was maybe worth a good laugh and little more. I can definitely see where this kind of thinking could come from and even I was a bit hesitant to see the film at first, but after having watched the movie it's apparent that they were wrong. Not only is he an effective speaker but he does a great job of laying out the story of climate change making his arguments crystal clear. I really hope that people give it a chance.

I still have sand in my shoes from my trip to the San Juan Islands last weekend. It's a little annoying but alas this is the price you pay for good times camping and boating. Doc and Todd and I tromped all over Sydney Island and scared off half a bazillion deer in process. In our wanderings we found a few old foundations half submerged in the ground and mulled over their former purpose. Finally, as campfires were not permitted, we sat in the twilight and discussed at length the many important issues we all face in life. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to document this great adventure as my camera was among the other assorted items I had neglected to bring (i.e. pillow, toothpaste, old shoes). The San Jauns are an amazing place. I think I could be quite happy moving there someday with a house on the water and a small boat to take me into town. Perhaps to escape the chaos in the cities that will erupt when the consequences of our decisions today finally catch up with us.

Oh and I'd like to make a request. If I ever decide to sign up for a test or class or anything that requires studying during the summer, please do whatever is necessary to stop me. It was a terrible decision to sign up for these two statistic classes and now I am faced with the dueling problems that I am neglecting both my study time and my time for playing in the sun.

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